This is a partial portfolio. Most of our clients don't want their information included here (we are often their secret weapon), and we respect their requests. Some of our largest system designs and implementations are not listed, though we can talk about most of them if you ask.

Other projects

Other projects, not done under the auspices of Pointillistic Software

IOS and general file publishing utility (Real World Systems)

Auto-publish files from one location to another.

Theatre Audition Software

To help manage theatre companies' season auditions, which sometimes drew hundreds of actors.

SURFnet National Research Institute (Netherlands)

Secure web portal and configuration helper.

Health Club distributed membership management system (ASAP Workout, Inc.)

A control center for the health club that managed many things.

Small applications (various clients)

Smaller applications written for various clients.

Loan origination and service system (Best Finance, Inc.)

Finance tools.

Site integration modules (Qtask)

Integrated other sites such as Evite and Skype into their online project management tool.

Technical writing (REBOL Technologies)

Documentation for the programming language REBOL.