There's nothing like a nice, juicy, pair (Part II)

Evaluates the use of the pair! datatype in a non-OO context.

There's nothing like a nice, juicy, pair (Part I)

Investigates the pair! datatype and uses it in an OO context.

Bigger than a pixel - speeding things up

In the first part of this article, we picked and poked our way around an image one pixel at a time. That being a very slow process, this shows you how to speed things up.

Bigger than a pixel - working with sections of an image

If you have an image, and you want to chop it up into little pieces, or paint part of another image over a section of it, there are no native functions to help you out. Rolling your own routines isn’t difficult; this article shows you how.

Nano-Sheets - A Small But Mighty Spreadsheet Engine in REBOL (Part II)

This article follows Part I, extending the spreadsheet, with the ability to save the sheet as HTML, for display on web pages; adds keyboard navigation and macro support; and shows how to integrate it into REBOL/IOS as a multi-user collaboration tool.

Nano-Sheets - A Small But Mighty Spreadsheet Engine in REBOL (Part I)

This article explores the design of a GUI spreadsheet, called Nano-Sheets. In its most basic form, the code for Nano-Sheets requires fewer than 1,500 bytes of code, which prints easily on a single sheet of paper. It is a very basic, but fully functional, spreadsheet engine with a working GUI.

Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming

This article provides an introduction to REBOL/View, and shows how to build the front end to a simple email survey system; both static and dynamic GUIs are explained.