SURFnet National Research Institute (Netherlands)

  • Open Source Cross platform installation toolkit (Roxy).
  • Stunnel-in-a-Box - Installer, configuration via web portal, auto-updater for Stunnel universal SSL wrapper.
  • Secure web portal.


  • Stunnel-in-a-Box Main - Stunnel-in-a-Box was designed to simplify the process of installing and configuring Stunnel, for both users and administrators. It was built using REBOL, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Stunnel-in-a-Box Admin - Administrators would log in and configure the services that are available to users. This was developed in PHP and MySQL, with server side REBOL scripts to do key generation and some other specific processes.
  • Stunnel-in-a-Box Installer 1 - End users would download an installer for their operating system (Windows and Linux were the only systems targeted initially). The installer was built with a toolkit developed for this project. It displayed a familiar installer UI.
  • Stunnel-in-a-Box Installer 2 - The installer would access the secure portal, given the user’s institution (login) information, and would pull the proper Stunnel configuration file dynamically. The application installed (open-stunnel) would, on startup, connect to the secure portal; using PEM certificates and MD5 checksums for security, it checks for any updates to the configuration, downloads them, and runs Stunnel. With this model, administrators could make changes as necessary, and users would get them automatically.