Health Club distributed membership management system (ASAP Workout, Inc.)

This system was built on top of REBOL IOS, which handled all the remote sychronization for us. We wrote “reblets” that operated from the IOS desktop and integrated with each other via TCP-based IPC, so the system was very modular.

It integrated with an optical bar code scanner and credit card/MICR check reader and an interface to the ECHO online payment processing system was built.

The front end was a collaborative effort with a graphic designer (Chris Ross-Gill), who designed and built the low level styles and many of the initial screen layouts.


  • Control Center - This is the main screen, not counting the IOS desktop of course. From here you can navigate to different menus on the right, open a user for editing, or delete a check-in record.
  • Member Select - From the control center, you could also pop up a selector, so you could edit members that aren’t in the current check-in display. The front screen for the member selector is a search screen (not shown here).
  • Manual Check-In - If a member forgot, or lost, their ID card, they couldn’t scan it to check in, so the clerk could check them in manually.
  • Account Info - The member editor was a tabbed dialog, with many fields and options. These are just a few pages it contained.
  • Measurement Info
  • Payment Info
  • New Member Payments - For new members, you could split payments between checks, credit cards, and cash. The individual entry screens aren’t shown here, but each was tailored for their purpose. For example, the credit card screen validated card numbers and the checking screen verfied bank routing information. From this screen, if you swiped a credit card, or scanned a check, with the reader, it would automatically identify it, pre-fill information, and take you to the correct screen for final data entry.