Small applications (various clients)

  • Google keyword competition analyzer: Uses data sourced from the Google keyword tool to look for high value keywords based on various criteria, with easy sorting and filtering.
  • XSL/XML processor and install wrapper: A small app that makes it easy for users to install a toolset needed for XML/XSL processing, and giving them just a few buttons to click to generate web pages and upload them.
  • Credit card mag reader interface: For people who do home parties, remote sales, etc. where they have a small mag reader they connect to their laptop. This app makes it easy for them to tag and store the data or integrate it into another app.
  • Powerline monitor controller/logger: Controls and download data from a powerline status monitor (AC voltage) via a serial port interface and custom protocol.
  • Software install helper: The scenario was a corporate environment, where installs (e.g. .NET) would fail on various machines for different reasons. This app was config driven, allowing them to run apps, check for specific conditions (e.g. a window or dialog with a certain title, or a timeout), and send keys to control the installers based on those conditions.
  • Folder snapshot: Get and compare information for two folders, one being a reference for comparison with multiple others. Beyond a standard directory comparison, version information for executable files was compared and could be displayed.
  • Network audit trail: Track software installations on a corporate network.