Loan origination and service system (Best Finance, Inc.)

The ultimate goal was a complete system, written in C# and SQL Server. Since those aren’t our primary development tools, we looked for ways to leverage our skills in ways that would help us, and also help their internal developers. In addition, the existing system had some issues that could be improved, if not solved entirely, while the new system was under development.

Ultimately, we built custom code generators for C# classes, and SQL definitions and stored procedures, prototyped some Windows custom controls in C#, and mocked up some user interface prototypes; laying a design and infrastructure foundation so the final development could be done in-house.

We also created a number of interim tools (a.k.a. band-aids) to help users, while main system was being developed.

  • Simple Amortization schedule
  • Simple Interest Calculator
  • Clipboard quick-paste utility
  • Automation for existing credit card processing software
  • Mail Merge System update - The old system used WordPerfect and custom file formats and required manual mail merge input. The new system uses MS Word, uses existing data format, and added a UI for complete merge visualization and automation.
  • Redraft system handler - replaced paper process for failed payments that needed to be reprocessed.


User Interface Prototypes